What is it?

DOC2IGC is a small tool I've written to assist in the conversion of Soaring Pilot flight logs in palm DOC format into IGC file format. It should run on all Windows platforms (and modern Linux systems, see Portability below).

The software is released under the GNU v2 public license



With some efforts it is probably possible to port this software to other platforms like Linux or MacOS, because it is based on Qt 3 for the GUI.


The following is a quick how to for modern linux distrubution based on the latest sources in the project source repository on sourceforge.



The following commands should result in a DOC2IGC binary:

svn co https://doc2igc.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/doc2igc doc2igc
cd doc2igc

The first command gets the source code from the source code repository and places them in a directory doc2igc. The next command is to enter that directory. The 3rd command is to  generate a makefile based on the Qt3 project file (doc2igc.pro). Finally make (or gmake depending on your system) should result in a binary DOC2IGC (all capitals).