IGC file naming convention

The flight logs generated by Soaring Pilot have a naming convention of 'IGCNAME_IGC.PDB' where IGCNAME is conform the rules for IGC file names as dictated by the FAI IGC technical specifications:

Short file name style: YMDCXXXF.IGC

Y = Year; value 0 to 9, cycling every 10 years
M = Month; value 1 to 9 then A for 10, B=11, C=12.
D = Day; value 1 to 9 then A=10, B=11, C=12, D=13, E=14, F=15, G=16, H=17, I=18, J=19, K=20, L=21, M=22, N=23, O=24, P=25, Q=26, R=27, S=28, T=29, U=30, V=31.
C = manufacturer's IGC code letter, for Soaring Pilot always X.
XXX = unique FR Serial Number (S/N); 3 alphanumeric characters
F = Flight number of the day; 1 to 9 then, if needed, A=10 through to Z=35